It’s beyond rare to come across any vintage car that’s logged only about 50,000 miles in its lifetime, let alone one that debuted more than seven decades ago. It seems as if, while the world was about descend into chaos, this 1941 Ford Super Deluxe was ushered into protective shelter, only to emerge now with an undeniably magnetic exterior and a full complement of period-appropriate components on board.

Ford had a pretty good idea that the world’s events could hamper production at any moment, so they rushed to update their pre-War line, realizing that it could very likely have to satisfy the car buying public for quite a while. The result was a very stylish and spacious ride – as you can see from this ’41 -one that exuded luxury and the notion that the lucky person behind the wheel was doing pretty darned well in life. It’s dressed in a blue metallic paint that’s a very fitting update, as it’s a deep, dark shade that really reinforces all that grandeur Ford was going for when they embarked on their redesign. There’s quite a collection of clean chrome on display – an outstanding, three-part front grille that sits over an inspired front bumper, long stretches of trim on its sides and an equally sharp and sturdy bumper in back. The relatively compact running boards sport fresh-looking rubber and you’ll find new-looking weatherstripping surrounding the windows to keep the elements out.

The gray interior has been refurbished with a very era-appropriate look and shows a lot of craftsmanship, with bench seats that feature a lot of padding to make them plenty comfortable for even longer drives, and are flanked by very sharp looking door panels bearing handles that all appear to be in very nice condition. The dash area sitting just beyond the stock steering wheel looks absolutely killer – it’s an expanse of smooth blue steel that’s accented with an ivory colored insert featuring an instrument cluster whose gauges are laid out horizontal and remain easily readable, with an array of matching control knobs just underneath. The stock AM radio sits a little higher up, encased in a matching ivory-colored frame, and a modern AM/FM/CD player sits out of sight in the glove box to handle your daily audio needs. There’s plenty of space in the broad trunk area, with a full-size factory spare standing by in its proper upright position.

The 221-cubic inch flathead V8 sitting underneath the tapered hood was Ford’s top tier engine option when this sedan came out and, armed with a 2-barrel carb on top that sits underneath a compact air cleaner, it runs smooth and strong. Its manual choke is very well calibrated – this vintage sedan warms up properly in very short order. It’s joined by a 3-speed manual transmission to make up an entirely period-appropriate drivetrain that’s fully road-ready. A couple of Ford’s pre-War upgrades include more precise steering and stouter drum brakes that made its Deluxe line some of the best handling and stopping unmodified cars of its time. The undercarriage below underscores the notion that this was one very sturdily built car. A substantially-sized X brace is joined by a series of horizontal supports to make this sedan unusually rigid for its time.

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