• Rare car!
  • Milestone car. Post world war 2!
  • 56,333 actual miles
  • Factory overdrive works perfectly
  • Super rare buffalo hood ornament
  • In line six cylinder engine
  • Wide white tires set of 5 expensive
  • Drives excellent- just drove it 100 miles on the freeway

Owned by two adult owners here in eastern Washington since 1947. Started its life in Moses Lake, Washington. This is a desert community. And the car has no rust. I picked the car up in Moses lake and drove it 100 miles to Spokane, Washington. It drove great with no problems. It has had great care and looks great. Sold to settle estate.

Milestone car. Interesting factoid!

The 1947 Kaiser was based on the same body used for 1947 Frazer’s, which had been designed from howard dutch darrin.both of these Cars had the first true postwar sheet metal with envelope bodies and fender-lines that ran front to rear in an unbroken contour.

Features included welded all steel construction; between the wheel seating; exceptionally wide wheel rims; low center of gravity; Low luxurious seats; large luggage compartment; curved wrap a round bumpers; dual horns; twin sun visors; dash mounted starter; and large hydraulic self centering brakes.

A large hood badge bearing the letter k above a buffalo shield was an obvious identification feature.

Although these cars did not come with an hood ornament in 1947 many people wanted them so the dealers in 1947 offered design mascots for hood ornaments. This car has the super rare buffalo hood ornament. These are very valuable and very rare! Saw a nice one sell for $1200.00!

The cars paint is still nice and shiny.

  • Nice interior upholstery, dash, door panels, headliner, etc
  • Nice trunk area includes 5th wide white tire on wheel and all changing acc included.
  • Nice bumpers front and rear- nice front grill.
  • Nice and clean engine compartment. Really shows pride ownership!
  • Set of pricy classic wide white tires. They really set off the car. Included a 5th wide white in trunk on rim.
  • Also the car has very nice weatherstripping throughout. It is not hard but still soft and supple. All doors, trunk etc.
  • Excellent glass throughout!

The car has a 6 volt system but unlike some 6 volt systems this car starts up the first time every time. The engine just purrs with no issues. The tranny shifts nice and smooth no issues. The brakes stop nice and even. The clutch works great. The heater defroster works great. All gauges work great. Even the wipers work. Drove the car 100 miles on the freeway at 60 miles per hour and the car drove great with zero issues. Got lots of waves and thumbs up all the way. A real pleasure to drive!

Has the overdrive gear and button that works great!

Eastern Washington desert car no rust.

Still has the original 1947 plate up front and the permanent collector plates In the rear!

Location: Nine Mile Falls, Washington, United States

Seller: mycoolstuffy

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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Originally listed on September 29, 2020. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.